Wednesday, August 15, 2012

IFLA #wlic2012 Developing new services in a suburban context

Not specifically about Information Literacy, but at the IFLA World Library and Information Conference in Helsinki, Finland, there was an interesting example of a local library being focused more to new media. Kurt Hirn talked about Developing new services in a suburban context: Myllypuro Reading Room becomes a Media Library.
This includes (e.g.) a studio where you can edit audio and video, so there are possibilities for creation as well as consumption. The library is part of a brand new housing scheme. They already had community meetings in the old library, but they now have new facilities, including use of the community room in the housing scheme. They have partnerships with local groups, private-sector and public sector organisations. Events include a laptop club, poetry evening, skateboarding video shooting and meetings for local immigrant groups. There is definitely less emphasis on physical products e.g. no books now for children, but there are films.
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