Thursday, August 02, 2012

Innovating Pedagogy: Open University report

The Innovating Pedagogy report is published by the UK's Open University (OU), and also has a blog. "This first report [published in June] proposes ten innovations in pedagogy that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education." The 10 are: Assessment for learning; Badges to accredit learning; Learning analytics; MOOCs n(Massive open online courses); New pedagogy for e-books; Personal inquiry learning; Publisher led mini-courses; Rebirth of academic publishing; Rhizomatic learning; Seamless learning. Some of these overlap with the NMC's Horizon report, but I think they are trying to get away from a purely technical focus (although there is still something of an emphasis on use of technology). The authors are Mike Sharples, Patrick McAndrew, Martin Weller, Rebecca Ferguson, Elizabeth FitzGerald, Tony Hirst, Yishay Mor, Mark Gaved and Denise Whitelock, all of the OU.
I think that in fact some of these "innovations" have already had an impact, and the short chapters do not explore all the issues (e.g. in the section about academic publishing), but it makes a nice starting point for discussion. The blog (from which you can download this first report, and comment on it) is at
Thanks to ALISS news for alerting me to this.
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