Tuesday, August 14, 2012

IFLA #wlic2012 Information for civic literacy

There was a pre-IFLA-conference meeting in Riga, Latvia, on Information for civic literacy, 8-10 August 2012. This sounds a very interesting meeting with lively discussion, with people from different countries and contexts presenting very different points of view. There may be a follow-up conference. There are some papers online at http://www.lnb.lv/iflariga2012/papers-and-proceedings including:
-Saknicté Pisté Beltrán: Propuesta: La alfabetización en información como motor de la educación cívica en México (A proposal: information literacy as the driving force of civic education in Mexico) [in Spanish and English ]
- Natalia Gendina: Триада ‘Гражданская, информационная и медиаграмотность’ в контексте новой инициативы ЮНЕСКО - Учебной Программы ЮНЕСКО по медиа- и информационной грамотност (The triad of civil literacy, information literacy and media literacy in the context of a new initiative of UNESCO, the Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers) [in Russian and English ]
- Vincas Grigas: The preparedness of librarians to undertake educational activities in the context of civic literacy development [in English ]
- Reyna Josvah-Rabiaza: Accès à l’information et à la documentation: enjeu pour le développement de l’individu et de la société (Access to information and documentation: a challenge for the development of citizens) [in French ]
- Emmanuel Kabou: L’information pour une culture civique (Information for civic literacy) [in French ]
- Joyce Kinyanjui, Dennis N. Ocholla: The missing link: civic literacy when information literacy or financial literacy are lacking? [in English ]
- Ahmed Ksibi: Le programme OpenGov de l’alphabétisation civique pour le Printemps arabe (The OpenGov program of civic literacy for the Arab Spring) [in French ]
- Simon Jules Koudjam Yameni: La fonction didactique de l’information dans une bibliotheque universitaire comme outil de sensibilisation à la citoyennete de la jeunesse estudiantine : cas de la Bibliothèque Centrale de l’Université de Douala au Cameroun (The instructional role of information delivery in a university library as a tool for developing awareness of citizenship among student youth : the case of the Central Library of the University of Douala in Cameroon) [in French ]
- Mandiaye Ndiaye: La maîtrise de l’information pour un meilleur exercice de la citoyenneté (Information literacy for a better exercise of citizenship) [in French ]
- Yan Xiangdong, Guo Wanli: Library service and civil information literacy [in Chinese and English ]
Photo by Sheila Webber: coffee in Johan and Nystrom, Helsinki, August 2012

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