Friday, January 10, 2014

First steps into learning and teaching in higher education; and a student video

There is an online course that is available free non-assessed, or as a priced tutor-marked assessed course. Oxford Brookes University (that have specialised in these courses for some years) are offering First steps into learning and teaching in higher education (FSLT), January 27 2014 to March 7 2014. "The course relies on sharing knowledge with your peers, and will leave you better informed about teaching and learning in higher education and confident that you could try out new things. Through the course you may also form and strengthen your professional support network of teachers in higher education." "On successful completion of this module, you should be able to: Identify and share key texts in the field of learning and teaching in higher education, and illustrate the personal-professional impact of such texts on your practice; Identify, reflect on and critique your knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of learning and teaching in higher education; Appraise your learning and teaching skills and critically evaluate your professional practice in your local context, identifying your own professional development needs; Propose, plan and present an evaluation of a learning activity to a virtual (online) conference; Recommend appropriate improvements to the learning experience within your teaching programme; Engage in both collaborative as well as individual professional development practices at an appropriate level of academic, digital and research literacy; Apply global perspectives to your work in higher education." More information at

This video Teaching and the digital world is nothing to do with the above, but is on the teaching theme. My university (University of Sheffield) had a competition for students, for them to make a short video about digital teaching. This is the one which won, from Kieran Bentley

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Esther Grassian said...

Great video, Sheila! Thanks for posting it. I'll also take a look at what you've described in this post.
Esther Grassian