Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Using the Empowering 8 infolit model

The Annals of Library Information Studies, one of India's oldest peer reviewed library journals has been made open access from its first issue in 1954. This is interesting historically because of substantial work done earlier in the 20th Century, notably by Ranganathan, but also there are recent articles relevant to information literacy. You can search the archive using free text or index terms: there is an index term information literacy but it looks like they only started using it in 2013, so free text is a better idea. The latest article I found was an interesting one on using the Sri Lankan "Empowering 8" Information Literacy model

Wijetunge, Pradeepa; Manatunge, Kalpana (2014) Empowering 8 in practice: information literacy programme for law undergraduates revisited. Annals of Library Information Studies, 61 (4), 24-32.
The open access database of the journal is at http://nopr.niscair.res.in/handle/123456789/66
Photo by Sheila Webber: cherry blossom reflected in my bedroom window, April 2014

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