Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PRIMO site-of-the-month: Research Therapy

The Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) Committee of the Instruction Section of ACRL has posted a new Site of the Month, Research Therapy. This site has videos on topics such as searching evaluating etc. and a blog with a mixture of material e.g. the latest when I looked had a post about not stressing out at exam time, with a custom-made cartoon strip, links, advice etc. There is an interview with the authors, Laurie Borchard and Anna Fidgeon on the PRIMO site. The interview and links are at http://www.ala.org/acrl/aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/sections/is/iswebsite/projpubs/primo/site/2014may
Below is embedded the video about an "annotated bibliography".

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