Friday, June 06, 2014

Top twenty articles chosen

The American Library Association's Library Instruction Round Table has just published its "2013 Top Twenty List" (of articles about information literacy).
I'll highlight in particular a"Top 20" article written by a British team, including my long-time information literacy collaborator, Bill Johnston. It is open access.
Anderson, A., Johnston, B., & McDonald, A. (2013). Information literacy in adult returners to higher education: Student experiences in a university pre-entry course in a UK university. Library and Information Research, 37(114), 55–73.
At the end of the abstract the LIRT committee noted "Of note are the authors’ backgrounds: none is a librarian. The research team is comprised of a curriculum developer, a lecturer in psychology, and a practitioner who runs the pre-entry course. Their study, which echoes previous calls for librarian participation in curriculum design, might help convey this call to a broader audience."
The full list of 20 articles, with abstracts, can be found at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Sheffield Botanic gardens, June 2014 (with photoshop effect).

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