Thursday, June 11, 2015

Running a journal club #researchminded

Yesterday, at the EAHIL + ICAHIS + ICLC 2015 Workshop in Edinburgh, Marshall Dozier (Edinburgh University) and I led a session on running a journal club (the picture shows the nice view out of the seminar room window). We ran a short example of a journal club at the start of the session, discussing:
Kean, E.B. (2013). Assessment and impact of a new role as an embedded librarian in nursing online journal clubs. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 101(4), 335-338.

We gathered tips from participants and will post those up shortly. We also produced a handout with a list of relevant articles and links. I have embedded it below.

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Tom Roper said...

For some support for my assertion that beer is an important feature of a successful journal club, please see:
Mattingly D (1966) Journal clubs. Postgrad Med J 42: 120–2