Thursday, June 04, 2015

Reference Services Review: format; badging; learning theory; evaluation; disciplines; collaboration

The latest 2 issues of Reference Services Review (a priced publication) include the following:
Volume 43 issue 1
- Teaching “format as a process” in an era of Web-scale discovery by Kevin Patrick Seeber (pp. 19 - 30)
- Badge it!: A collaborative learning outcomes based approach to integrating information literacy badges within disciplinary curriculum by Emily Ford , Betty Izumi , Jost Lottes , Dawn Richardson (pp. 31 - 44)
- Learning information literacy through drawing by David James Brier , Vickery Kaye Lebbin (pp. 45 - 67)
- One-shot Wikipedia: an edit-sprint toward information literacy by John Thomas Oliver (pp. 81 - 97)
- Flashlight: using Bizup’s BEAM to illuminate the rhetoric of research by Kate Rubick (pp. 98 - 111)
- Leveraging adult learning theory with online tutorials by Rebecca Halpern , Chimene Tucker (pp. 112 - 124)
- Integrating the thematic approach into information literacy courses by Elizabeth Price , Rebecca Richardson (pp. 125 - 136)
- Piloting a blended model for sustainable IL programming by Jody Nelson , Joan Morrison , Lindsey Whitson (pp. 137 - 151)
Volume 44 issue 2 (at time of writing this was early publication, so no page numbers)
- Learning from Degree-Seeking Older Adult Students in a University Library by Mary C. Aagard , Marilia Y. Antunez , Jaime N. Sand
- Evaluation of Sources: A New Sustainable Approach by Sharon Radcliff , Elise Y. Wong
- Using Interviews to Improve Relationships with Library Partners: A Case Study by Bridget Farrell
- Situated Information Literacy: History Instruction at a High School Early College by Meghann Walk
- Situating Information Literacy in the Disciplines: A Practical and Systematic Approach for Academic Librarians by Robert Farrell , William Badke
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Photo by Sheila Webber: St Georges Church, Sheffield University: there are 3 peregrine falcons in this picture and since the photo isn't very sharp I have put red "x"s above them (a chick in the nest platform and one just-fledged chick on the ledge above the clock, and a parent bird sitting at the side). Click photo for full size. 2 June 2015

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