Monday, September 07, 2015

Librarians and faculty both rate information literacy highly in survey

Library Journal and Gale conducted surveys of academics (using Gale's mailing lists) and academic librarians (using Library Journal lists) asking each about what the most important activities were for librarians, what librarians did well, and how they communicated with each other. In the article cited below they summarise results and there is a full report. One has to bear in mind that the librarians and faculty members didn't necessarily come from the same institutions, but it is still interesting to see the comparison of results. Both librarians and academics agreed that "information literacy instruction" was most important ;-)
Unsurprisingly, faculty was less concerned than librarians about communicating (98% of librarians thought communication with faculty could be improved, whilst 45% of faculty thought communication with librarians could be improved). Faculty members seemed to perceive the librarians as having a wider role than the librarians did (e.g. rating text and data mining by librarians more highly than librarians did).
Schwartz, M. (2015, September 1).Closing the Gap in Librarian, Faculty Views of Academic Libraries| Research. Library Journal.
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