Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Local Information Literacy news

Some librarians are good at getting stories and press releases into their local news sites. Firstly, a small guest column about information literacy in a local US newspaper, which includes a reminder that President Obama designated October Information Literacy month:
- VCAL/VSLA/VLA Information Literacy Working Group. (2016, November 3). Guest Column: Vt. [Vermont] librarians speak up about information literacy. Williston Observer.
IL month is also celebrated in this local US news story, which summarises the events and awards a college had organised:
- e-news Park Forest. (2016, October 28). 3rd Annual Information Literacy Month Closing Event Held at South Suburban College. e-news Park Forest.
Finally, from Ireland, Dundalk Institute of Technology announced the winners of its Bi-annual Information Literacy Awards:
- Dundalk Democrat. (2016, November 1). DkIT literacy champs are honoured at event. Dundalk Democrat.
Photo by Sheila Webber: autumn leaf and water feature, Sheffield, November 2016

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Anonymous said...

Maybe time to suggest IL month in this country!