Monday, September 18, 2017

Leading Together: Harnessing the Community College Atmosphere to Impact Student Learning Emily Brown, Susan Souza-Mort Bristol Community College, USA: Pam blogs from #ECIL2017

Community colleges were created to make learning affordable, so students can transfer their credits to a 4 year institution. College Librarians are now working closely with university librarians to teach information literacy. There has been a big growth in the number of IL sessions given to students. They identified the need to market IL to both faculty and students. They were able to analyse student assessments using the  LEAP value rubric which indicated that students hadn't really grasped the concepts they were supposed to. It led to faculty asking for more librarian time and teaching, based on this evidence. Demand was high initially from a wide range of classes, but ultimately they have focused attention on classes which have a high research component.  A paper on this research is available 

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