Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sheila blogs from #ecil2017

Finally before the conference dinner at the European Conference on Information Literacy this afternoon, Angela Repanovici (presenter) and Ivona Olariu had a paper Information Literacy Dimensions in a Consortium-Type Structure: Train the Trainer in National Projects from Romanian Academic Environment. This was reporting on a project with multiple funders including the European Union. It is concerned with access to literature in the consortium of universities, specifically electronic resources - the website is at One of the goals is to increase the number of Romanian published scientific articles and books in international publications/presses. Another is to develop a national repository. A key part of the project is developing a training the trainer programme, which has to be suitable for use in 60 different universities. in July/August this year they did a survey to identify satisfaction with the services so far, and attitudes about education for using resources (the latter was deemed important by respondents, whilst improvements in the project website were seen as desirable, more mobile access was needed, and more specific training material for specific resources was wanted). A final conclusion was that the train the trainer programme did need to be improved: the survey used expectation/perception service quality measures on the survey, and the responses indicated that the programme met the minimum level but not the desired level of service. Nevertheless, a good deal had been achieved by the overall project and they intend to use the results of the study to raise the importance of information literacy.

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