Sunday, October 15, 2017

2 million page views for the Information Literacy Weblog

This is the first of two self-congratulatory posts ;-) This blog hit the two million page view mark last week. I hope this means that people still find the blog useful! I continue the blog (started in 2005) partly because I like blogging, and the blog is useful to me as a reference database about information literacy. However I certainly wouldn't continue without some evidence that other people find it useful too! So thanks to those who continue to view the blog and mention it to others! However, so this post isn't just about this blog, two international news items:

- Baines, S. (2017, October 14). Digital danger - Youth urged to be careful of social media footprints they create. [An article flagging up some of themes of the forthcoming Global Media and Information Literacy conference being held in Jamaica 25-26 October, which I will be attending]

- The Tribune. (2017, October 13). Media can play only complimentary role in achieving sustainable development: VC. [Highlights a message from a Media and information Literacy seminar taking place in India this week]


Esther Grassian said...

Congratulations, Sheila!! It's such a wonderful blog. I still don't know how you mange to keep up with the ever expanding world of IL, worldwide! Thank you!

Esther Grassian

Sheila Webber said...

Thank you, Esther!