Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Recent articles: peer evaluation of teaching; Educational story; Competency diagnosis; Scholarly communication

Items from the latest issue of Portal: libraries and the academy (Volume 17, Number 3) (priced publication):
- Peer Evaluation of Teaching in an Online Information Literacy Course by Susan A. Vega García, Kristine K. Stacy-Bates, Jeff Alger, Rano Marupova (pp. 471-483)
- Educational Story as a Tool for Addressing the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education by Joshua J. Vossler, John Watts (pp. 529-542)
- A Diagnosis of the Levels of Information Literacy Competency among Social Sciences Undergraduates by María Pinto, Rosaura Fernández-Pascual (pp. 569-593)

In an earlier issue this year (2017): Portal: libraries and the academy (Volume 17, Number 1)
- What Do Undergraduate Students Know about Scholarly Communication?: A Mixed Methods Study by Catherine Fraser Riehle, Merinda Kaye Hensley (pp. 145-178)
Photo by Sheila Webber: Michaelmas daisies, September 2017

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