Saturday, February 24, 2018

PhD student seeks library/ information interviewees

Via Stéphane Goldstein: Gianfranco Polizzi, a PhD student at the Department of Media and Communications, LSE, UK, is "doing PhD research to understand how people use and think about the Internet and digital media in general and in relation to civic, political engagement. I am specifically focusing on two social categories: activists involved in various social, political causes; and individuals whose professions revolve around information and media technologies. I am conducting a wide range of interviews, asking participants to have two interviews and to write weekly diaries for 2-4 weeks in between about how they engage civically or politically. Interviews take place at convenient locations for participants and identifying information is anonymised. Each participant receives £50 upon completion of their second interview as a sign of appreciation." Contact Gianfranco Polizzi at

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