Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Educause key issues in teaching and learning

The American association concerned with tech in higher education EDUCAUSE has announced its "key issues" for 2018. They were voted on by EDUCAUSE members. Some of them look like perennial issues to me, and some are rather generic (e.g. the first one seems to amount to - things keep changing!), but at least information literacy makes it in there  (albeit subordinated to digital literacy). There is an Infographic (reproduced here: copyright EDUCAUSE used under a Creative Commons licence) and some links to EDUCAUSE resources under each heading. The issues are:
1. Academic Transformation
2. Accessibility and Universal Design
3. Faculty Development
4. Privacy and Security
5. Digital and Information Literacies
6. Integrated Planning and Advising Systems for Student Success (iPASS)
7. Instructional Design
8. Online and Blended Learning
9. Evaluating Technology-based Instructional Innovations
10. Open Education
11. Learning Analytics
12. Adaptive Teaching and Learning
13. Working with Emerging Technology
15. NGDLE (next generation digital learning environment) and LMS (Learning Management Services)

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