Monday, September 03, 2018

Recent articles: fake news; using the ACRL framework

Auberry, K. (2018). Increasing students’ ability to identify fake news through information literacy education and content management systems. The reference librarian, 59(4) , 179-187. "The rampant spread of misinformation has made it more difficult for many people, especially college students, to ascertain what is a viable and reliable piece of information and vice versa. ...  Librarians at Indian River State College (IRSC) have been piloting a program that incorporates news literacy into the learning management system utilized by IRSC in an effort to increase students’ ability to determine what are correct information, erroneous information, and “fake news.”" (priced)

Wade, S. & Hornick, J. (2018). Stop! Don’t Share That Story!: Designing a Pop-Up Undergraduate Workshop on Fake News. The reference librarian, 59(4) , 188-194. "For the past few years librarians across the country have been leaders in the fight against fake news. This article describes an hour-long drop-in lesson given to undergraduate students on how to avoid falling victim to fake news..... The lesson includes four engaged learning activities and can be taught without student access to computers. This low-tech approach is highly adaptable to different settings and class sizes. Students leave the session with the resources and knowledge to see past deceptive practices in the media and to take a more thoughtful approach to news consumption." (priced)

Wray, C. & Mulvihill, R. (2018). Framing Up Digital Literacy: Reviewing and Reframing Information Literacy Modules. The reference librarian, 59(4), 195-204. "When it comes to updating information literacy modules, it can be a daunting task to know where to start. This article will explore utilizing the Association of College & Research Libraries’ Information Literacy Framework to identify skill
gaps in the modules, create learner-centered experiences, and incorporate twenty-first-century literacy skills." (priced)
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