Thursday, September 06, 2018

My professional practice inside and outside Second Life

On 28 August I gave a presentation, My professional practice inside & outside Second Life, as part of the Virtual Worlds MOOC which ran throughout August 2018. Second Life (TM Linden Labs) is a 3D virtual world which has existed for 15 years, in which many educators both educate and discuss educational matters with fellow-educators around the world (my presentation was given in Second Life). The abstract was
"Sheila will discuss firstly, what does it mean to be a "professional"? (looking at discussion in the literature about this matter). Secondly she will examine her professional practice in Second Life (as organiser of events, currently for Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable, and as an educator and researcher). She will examine some example activities in Second Life, and consider to what extent she is drawing on her "Second Life" professionalism and skills, and to what extent she is using physical world skills and knowledge. She will draw on Practice Theory (using a framework developed by Davide Nicolini and colleagues and her ongoing autoethnography." Here's the presentation (Sheila Yoshikawa is my name in Second Life (SL):

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