Tuesday, June 30, 2020

ALDinHE recordings: Librarians as teachers; Embedding micro-sessions; emotional labour

There are recordings from a number of webinars related to higher education, that took place over the last few months, including some presentations that were due to be given at the 2020 LILAC (information literacy) conference. They are on the ALDinHE (Association for Learning Development in Higher Education) website. ONes particularly relevant to information literacy are:
- Librarians' development as teachers: A Survey on Changes over Time in Pedagogical Roles, Approaches, and Perspectives by Andrea Baer [The recording is embedded below]
- What makes information literacy relevant to higher education students: the kaleidoscope effect by Dr. Karen F. Kaufmann
- Can You Teach Research in 10 Minutes? Embedding Information Literacy micro-sessions in module programmes by Rachael Hunter

- Emotional Labor of Teaching Information Literacy: Impact, struggle, and strategies by Lorrie Evans and Karen Sobel
- Strange New Worlds: Re-purposing librarian skills in the changing HE environment by Sarah George and Jennifer Rowland
The other webinars are all focused on learning in higher education and so if you work in that sector, then others will be interesting e.g.
- Does Learning Development have a Signature Pedagogy? by Helen Webster
Go to http://aldinhe.ac.uk/aldinhe-events-resources/ for links to the recordings.
For future ALDinHE webinars go to http://aldinhe.ac.uk/events/

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