Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Media and information literacy as self-disruption #IDE2020

I still intend to do a few blog posts about the Information Literacy and Democracy conference that I attended online last Friday and Saturday. I will start with the last presentation: Media and information literacy as self-disruption, presented by Mario Hibert and Emir Vajzović, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I liked the way in which the presentation raised some critical issues about the use of technology, starting with how we had to make "hard choices" between "investing in humans and investing in technology". I liked the idea of thinking about the post-digital (rather than post-human) and the critique of the fetish surrounding the idea of the "smart".
All the videos were prerecorded and this one is embedded below (18 minutes). You can also see some pre-conference comments here and the session (including the lively chat and the authors' discussion after the presentation) is here in the recording of the whole session (their talk starts at 3 hours).

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