Friday, March 28, 2008

Report from the LILAC conference: 3: blog reports

Yesterday Vicki Cormie and I led a discussion in Second Life (the virtual world) about our impressions of the LILAC (information literacy) conference held last week. For this we prepared a notecard (handout). "Waste not want not": I thought I could repurpose that material for the blog. I will make this into 3 entries.

In this first one I post web addresses of other blogs that covered LILAC, in the second I will post Vicki's material plus the address for the transcript of the Second Life event, and in the third provide my final round up.

There were a number of parallel sessions at LILAC, but if you look through all the blog entries you will find that, between them, they cover a good number of the sessions. I'm sure I haven't found all the entries, so please add comments to link to any other LILAC reports.
1. There was a dedicated LILAC 2008 conference blog maintained by one of the delegates at
2. If you want to find the other entries on THIS blog, you should be able to do it by searching for the word lilac, using the search box in the top left of the screen. I have also used the blog tag lilac20083. Moira Bent has blogged the conference on Moira’s Info Lit blog with a good number of entries at e.g. at

4. Nancy O’hanlon blogged at

5. Jane Secker (one of the organisers) has given her Reflections On LILAC at

6. Karl blogged at

7. There are 2 entries about the Second Life sessions on my Sheila Yoshikawa blog at
8. Angela Newton (also on the organising committee) reflects at
Photos by Sheila Webber: of the front of Liverpool's Catholic cathedral and of the view from that cathedral down to the Anglican cathedral (with, on the right, the John Foster building in which teh conference took place).

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