Friday, November 21, 2008

Digital Inclusion

Thanks to Sheena Banks to alerting me to this report, published a couple of weeks ago, from the Oxford Internet Institute, which may inform UK Government policy.

Helsper, E.J. (2008) Digital Inclusion: An Analysis of Social Disadvantage and the Information Society. Oxford: Oxford Internet Institute.

"This report provides a critical evaluation of the existing evidence on the nature and extent of the ‘digital divide’ and its overlap with social exclusion. New empirical evidence is also presented, backed by a comprehensive methodology that has been applied to three different independent, nationally representative surveys. There are three important outcomes of this report:
• A new empirical model of the links between social and digital disadvantage which will help guide future research and policy interventions in this area.
• Recommendations to enhance existing national technology surveys conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), the Office of Communications (Ofcom) and the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS). These enhancements will help to track digital inclusion progress in the future, and also account for new and emerging technologies.
• A short review of the implications of the results for social policy."

- other more specific research reports e.g. digital inclusion and those with mental health problems.

Photo by Sheila Webber: Greenwich Park, October 2008

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