Friday, February 13, 2009

Australian online papers

There are a lot of papers from the Australian Online conference (held last month in Sydney, Australia). Themes included collaboration, Knowledge Management, the future of the library/information profession, Web 2.0. A couple of papers are:
- Natalie McDonald, Peter Keenan. The stuff beyond Google: information literacy in a corporate setting. "This paper gives a case study on how an information literacy program titled 'Beyond Google' was rolled out at the New South Wales Business Chamber. The program came up with a number of surprises including users perception of their effectiveness in searching the internet and their search strategies." (this is a 7-page paper including list of topics covered, feedback, lessons learned)
- Kate Davis, Jessica Meehan, Cheryl Aubrey & Travis Le Couteur. Conversation, community and kids: blogging for youth at Gold Coast City Council libraries (about planning & setting up a youth blog)
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Snowman, Sheffield Botanic Gardens, Feb 2009

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