Monday, February 16, 2009

Information literacy in a core module - poster

My Department has an Advisory Panel of people in the information & library sector. We had a day for them a week ago and as part of the learning and teaching exhibition I created this poster which highlights elements of the module Information Resources and Information Literacy, which is core to our MA Librarianship and MSc Information Management courses.
The poster highlights the module's assessment and some key aspects of the way it is delivered.
- I described one of the activities, the Search/Teach exercise, in more detail here:
Webber, S. (2008) "Information Literacy Education for Masters Students: the Search/Teach Exercise" IN: Kohl-Frey, O. and Schmid-Ruhe, B. (Eds.) Advanced Users: Information Literacy and Customized Services: Konstanz Workshop on Information Literacy. Konstanz: University of Konstanz. (Bibliothek Aktuell; Sonderheft 17)
- The activity creating posters about uses of information literacy in future careers was described briefly by Pam McKinney here:

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