Monday, February 09, 2009

New book: Going beyond Google

Devine, J. and Egger-Sider, F. (2009) Going Beyond Google: the invisible web in learning and teaching. London: Facet. ISBN 978-1-85604-658-9
This concentrates on the idea of the "invisible web", databases etc. that may not be finadable via internet search engines. Sections include "use of the invisible web at the reference desk; use of the invisible web in Blackboard; techniques for teaching the invisible web."

Whilst writing this post I deleted the information about one of the author's first name by mistake and whilst searching to find out what it was I also discovered:
1) That this book is also published by Neal-Schuman Publishers in the USA (the authors are American)
2) That there is a presentation from them including useful links, updated Jan 2009, at
3) That there is a journal article that seems to summarise some key points: Devine, J. and Egger-Sider, F. (2004) "Beyond google: the invisible web in the academic library." The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 30 (4), 265-269. ("This article analyzes the concept of the Invisible Web and its implication for academic librarianship. It offers a guide to tools that can be used to mine the Invisible Web and discusses the benefits of using the Invisible Web to promote interest in library services. In addition, the article includes an expanded definition, a literature review, and suggestions for ways in which to incorporate the Invisible Web in reference work and library promotion.")
I found all this through the first page of hits on their names on Google ;-))
Photo by Sheila Webber: Sheffield Botanic Gardens, Feb 2009

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