Monday, September 14, 2009

Discussion transcripts posted

Transcripts of the chat conversation from the last 5 discussion/presentation sessions held in Second Life (the virtual world) are available. This is the Centre for Information Literacy Research (CILR) series. There are links to material from all previous sessions (about 30) at
If you have a Second Life avatar, you can also go inworld and find boards with links and notecards in the CILR on Infolit iSchool at
The events, with individual links, were:
1) Report on IL at the IFLA 2009 Conference (3 September 2009; Sheila Yoshikawa/ Sheila Webber) chatlog at
2) EDINA and SL (20 August 2009) chatlog at
3) Information providers in a virtual world (6 August 2009; Lorri Momiji/ Lorri Mon) chatlog at (shown in first picture)
4) Intellectual Property (IP) and SL (30 July 2009; led by Pancha Enzyme) chatlog at (shown in second picture)
5) Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and the First Year Experience (FYE) (23 July; Sheila Yoshikawa/ Sheila Webber) chatlog at this is rather skinmpy since I did the presentation in voice: the text of my slides (i.e. the text from the SL notecard) with short notes is here:

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