Friday, September 25, 2009


Beth Clark (Head of Electronic Services, Library, School of Oriental and African Studies) asked about use of "clickers" (personal response systems) on the lis-infoliteracy list. She referred to City University's web page as an introduction about the technology:

and in a subsequent post someone recommended a delicious site that bookmarks pages on voting systems
Beth Clark has now helpfully summarised the uses by librarians, and the advantages & disadvantages that people had told her about, in the lis-infoliteracy post here.

Additionally, looking on the Educause site I found the Classroom Response Systems - 42 Resources page, with links articles and presentations (including about use in libraries).
I also did a quick search on the JISC site, and amongst other things there is a good case study of the use of clickers with Engineering students ( Active collaborative learning: University of Strathclyde) on the case study page here
Finally, I noticed there's been a recent brief post on another information literacy blog about clicker use during library orientation

Photo by sheila Webber: Spot the (big) cat no. 9 (Berlin Zoo, September 2009)

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