Monday, September 28, 2009

New articles

Following on nicely from my last post, there is an article on clickers in the latest issue of the Journal of academic librarianship:
Deleo, P., Eichenholtz, S and Sosin, A. (2009) "Bridging the Information Literacy Gap with Clickers " Journal of academic librarianship, 35 (5), 438-444

The latest issue of References services review also has a number of information literacy articles (plus a number on mobile & Web 2.0 technology, go here for the full contents list). Both these journals are priced.
- Mitchell, E. and Watstein, S. (2009) "Taiga and Darien: Relevance for reference and instructional services for libraries in the digital age" References services review, 37 (3), 253-259 - West, K. and Williamson, J. (2009) "Wikipedia: friend or foe?" References services review, 37 (3), 260-271
- Armstrong, A. (2009) "Student perceptions of federated searching vs single database searching" References services review, 37 (3), 291-303
- Korobili, S., Malliari, A., and Christodoulou, G. (2009) "Assessing information literacy skills in the Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece" References services review, 37 (3), 340-354

Photo by Sheila Webber: Spot the (big) cat no. 10 (Berlin zoo, September 2009). You may have to click the thumbnail to see the lion. This was my favourite of the big cat zoo pictures. This concludes the "Spot the cat" series, but there will be one more "spot" picture, with another creature.

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