Saturday, December 04, 2010

What information literacy means to our future careers

Event in the virtual world, Second Life, on Wednesday December 8th 12 noon SLT (8pm UK time, see for times elsewhere): What information literacy means to our future careers. This takes on Infolit iSchool in Second Life You need a SL avatar and the SL browser on your computer to participate. I will talk about an exercise with Masters students which involves them in creating posters about how they feel information literacy will be useful to them in their future careers, including displaying some of the posters. There are about 90 students in the class this year, with a majority of students from outside the UK. I did a short blog post about the exercise here. This session will be in text chat. The picture shows the venue for the presentation/discussion.


Ewa Rozkosz said...

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Sheila Webber said...

I did try and it kept saying "no news" whereas there obviously was. I will try it again!