Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Call for info on school information literacy assessment

Helen Boelens has put out a request "for information about or links to information literacy assessment tools which have been developed by librarians, school leaders or teachers to assess the information literacy of pupils in primary, secondary or upper secondary schools. Documents in English and other languages would be useful. A group from ENSIL (European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy) and the SLO (Foundation for Curriculum Development) in the Netherlands are working on the development of an assessment and would like to review the efforts which have been made by other colleagues. Also any information or links to assessment tools which can be used to judge the information literacy skills of teachers would be appreciated." Contact her at hboelens@ensil.org
Photo by Sheila Webber: students election placard, February 2011


Jon Mueller said...

You can find a lot of examples of info lit assessments at


These are all for higher ed, but many of them could be adapted.

I also wrote a recent book, Assessing Critical Skills, with librarians as the primary audience, in which I described examples of how to assess information literacy at the K-12 level. You can find it here


Jon Mueller

Sonia said...

Collaborative information literacy assessments : strategies for evaluating teaching and learning is a great resource for developing assessments for information literacy. This book highlights
eight original models for assessment based on best practices to help form effective collaborations between librarians and instructors.