Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Call for material relevant to Labour Market Literacy

Christine Irving has been approached by a group which aims to define Labour Market Intelligence Literacy, and identify ways to support and develop it. Christine has introduced them to the CILIP definition of information literacy, but they are seeking material which is more specifically related to their field. Christine writes that she is "looking for material to help their target audience acquire the IL skills and competences in connection with Labour Market Intelligence. I am aware of the OU iKnow material (http://labspace.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?name=iKnow) which would help but I didn't know if anyone has created bespoke material or resources for Labour Market Intelligence." If anyone knows about material supporting development of information literacy with regard to Labour Market Intelligence data/information, databases and or resources could you please contact Christine (christine.irving8@GOOGLEMAIL.COM)
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Kaye said...

We have developed a business information unit as part of the Employer Engagement programme aimed at people in the workplace. The unit focussed on market intelligence but was of a practical nature and with lots of scope for student reflection re: skills and knowledge transfer to the workplace or their professional practice. The unit was created and delivered with my colleague Nathan Rush.
Kaye Towlson Academic team Manager De Montfort University

Kaye said...

Apologies if this ends up as a multiple post. A colleague and I have designesd and delivered a unit for the UCPD Employer engagement programme for business information. This is aimed at the work place, is very practical and students are required to reflect on the transferability of skills and knowledge to their workplace or professional practice. Aswell as sharing their reflections with their fellow students.
Kaye Towlson De Montfort University