Friday, August 16, 2013

Global tweets: a reading group in Denmark, New South Wales, New Zealand and Singapore #wlic2013 #rwpchat

Global tweets: a reading group in Denmark, New South Wales, New Zealand and Singapore presented by Lyn Koh and Ellen Forsyth is the first session I'm liveblogging on the 2nd day of the IFLA Satellite meeting on Information Literacy and reference services .
The initiative is called Read Watch Play #rwpchat and is an international reading group. It was created by the New South Wales Readers Advisory Group (in Australia), and it includes formal cooperation with libraries in Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore, and informal participation from numerous other libraries. It has a theme every month (this month the theme is "furry" so: there isn't one work to study, and people are also encouraged to talk about games, films etc.) and there is an online discussion every last Thursday of the month.Each library arranges its own customised publicity etc.
This is allowing librarians to bring Readers Advisory out of the library to reach to wider audiences, and also the people from different countries interact around the works they have read/seen/played. The librarian partners use a wiki and tools such as Google hangouts to dicuss decide and record things to do with running the service. They cross post to other social platforms e.g. posting book covers on Instagram and also using pinterest - there is also a blog which is the home for the service They use tools such as Rebelmouse and Storify to archive the tweets and other social media associated with the monthly themes.
Key outcomes include being able to share resources, learning from international colleagues, and that the "community benefits from a wider range of recommendations from different perspectives and cultures."
The next discussion is on 27 August #rwpchat #furread and there is a paper with more information at

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