Saturday, August 17, 2013

IFLA Information Literacy Section meeting #wlic2013

I have been re-elected to the IFLA Information Literacy Standing Committee and we have had our first meeting at the IFLA World library and Information Conference in Singapore.
We welcomed new members Min Chou, Chu Jingli, Marilda Martins Coelho, Jane Secker and Jaclyn Teo. The new chair is Sharon Mader, and the new secretary is Jaclyn Teo. WE were saying farewell to our outgoing chair Maria Carme Torras Calvo, Chihfeng Lin, Ruth Stubbings and Franziska Wein.
Maria reported on the progress with work with UNESCO. Firstly, there was the progress on the UNESCO recommendations on Information Literacy. If this succeeds this is a big issue, as it would mean information literacy should be paid attention to at the national level by UNESCO members. An agenda item resolution has been written, with the recommendations attached, to be put forward for the Autumn general meeting of UNESCO, and the section has sought the support of a delegate member to put the resolution forward. The process is complex and time consuming, so the Section officers have had to spend a lot of time and effort on this.
The next report was on the UNESCO OAR platform for media and information literacy (MIL). Jane Secker and Nancy Graham have been very active on this project. It is intended that this will be a more active community platform. This has replaced the site. There was also a lot of dicussion around other UNESCO media and information literacy initiatives, not all of which the IFLA section is involved with.
Then I reported on the #infolitpro project, Agnes Colnot on translation of section documents and Lisa Hinchliffe on the IFLA Standards working group. It was also mentioned that IFLA was invited to give patronage to the European Conference on Information Literacy, which it has done. There were then brief reports about the satellite meeting that I have been blogging from, and about events for next year e.g. the satellite meeting which will be held in Limerick Institute of Technology 14-15 August 2014.
There will be another Section Committee meeting on Tuesday.

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