Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MIL; intergenerational dialogue #wlic2013

Presentation of the Moscow declaration on media and information literacy and the Tunis Declaration on Libraries, Reading and Intergenerational Dialogue from Maria Carme Torres i Calva (outgoing chair of the IFLA IL Section) and Leikny Haga Indergaard (Literacy and Reading Section) was the final item in this morning's session at the IFLA conference. Maria described the partnership between IFLA and UNESCO e.g. in the IFLA/UNESCO Digital Library Manifesto 2011. She talked about the work of the IFLA Information Literacy Section and its work together with UNESCO, in particular IFLA Media and Information Literacy Recommendations. Since I have blogged about these initiatives a lot, I will not repeat myself but suggest that you search this blog using UNESCO IFLA (no quotes!) to find relevant blog posts. Click Sort by date to see the most recent first.
Leikny Haga Indergaard talked of the aim of the the IFLA Literacy and Reading section and its initiatives. In particular they mentioned their symposium in 2011 in Tunis, on Inclusive society: libraries bridging generations. The Tunis Declaration on Libraries, Reading and Intergenerational Dialogue is at
Photo by Sheila Webber: one of the tables at the Information Literacy Section lunch, Maria is sitting at the back towards the right.

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