Friday, November 07, 2014

Science & Technology Section's Information Literacy chat, November 17th

The next Science & Technology Section's Information Literacy chat will be on November 17, 3pm-4pm US Eastern time, which is 8-9pm UK time. It will be held on Adobe Connect, and the chat room link is Laksamee Putnam (Towson University) will be leading a chat on iPads: Enhancing library instruction or merely a computer substitute? "Interactive technology has found a place in the classroom. But is it making any difference in the way you teach? Come chat with STS, hear about a few ways other libraries are using iPads in information literacy instruction, and decide whether or not you view this technology as merely a computer substitute or an educational enhancement. Librarians with or without iPads are welcome to share their thoughts and ideas." The recommended reading is:
Cavanaugh, C., Hargis, J., Kamali, T., & Soto, M. (2013). Substitution to augmentation: faculty adoption of iPad mobile learning in higher education. Interactive Technology & Smart Education, 10(4), 270.
The organisers gave some useful tips for using AdobeConnect:
"If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before: Test your connection: and get a quick overview:
"Here are a few tips for using AdobeConnect:
- Adobe Connect has recently updated their software. When you log-in, you may notice a screen asking you to install the add-in. If you click “yes,” the update will install in about 20-30 seconds. You may need to complete the audio setup wizard after installing the add-in.
- Use Firefox, if possible -- Internet Explorer and Chrome seem to have some issues.
- Make certain you have an updated version of Flash.
- Only use PDF or PPT files.
- You will need a headset for VoIP. If you are using a machine with a built-in microphone, you will need to disable the built-in microphone and enable the microphone on your headset (a USB headset is best).
- Once you enter Adobe Connect (you will sign in as a guest -- so no log-in is needed), you will need to click on the speaker and microphone icons to activate -- both need to be GREEN.
- Please allow a few minutes to get in and test your audio, etc. before the start time.
- To test audio, click on ‘Meeting’ in upper left corner. Choose the audio set-up wizard. Click through every step, making sure the dropdown is set to your USB headset, and click through to the very last screen. IMPORTANT: You must click all the way through the audio wizard in order to save your selections."
Photo by Sheila Webber: last year's poppy wreaths on the Sheffield war memorial in Weston Park, November 2014.

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