Monday, April 20, 2015

The Future Scholar: Researching & Teaching the Frameworks for Writing & Information Literacy

There is a call for papers for a book: The Future Scholar: Researching & Teaching the Frameworks for Writing & Information Literacy. The two frameworks in question (both North American) are the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education ( from the Association of College and Research Libraries, and the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing (, produced by the Council of Writing Program Administrators, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the National Writing Project. The deadline for proposals is June 1st.
They seek chapters "that provide answers to the following, as well as other, questions: What do the particular abilities, habits, and practices of mind identified for reading, researching, and writing reveal about notions of literacy in a digital age? What priorities do they establish for us as writing teachers, faculty in English, English Education, and LIS, university administrators and college librarians, and citizens?; How do the ACRL Framework and the WPA Framework help us understand one another? What do we learn by viewing each through the lens of the other? How might they be put into conversation?; In what ways does your teaching—in the classroom, in the library, in the writing center, in the community—work to cultivate the desired abilities, habits, and practices of mind advanced by these framework documents?; What specific digital technologies allow for helping students achieve these abilities, habits, and practices of mind? In what ways have you used them? How might we use them? How could these tools be better?
We also encourage potential contributors to consider the Frameworks documents explicitly and directly, practical strategies for enacting and evaluating them, and ways in which new digital technologies (might) shape the Frameworks and these processes."
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