Friday, April 03, 2015

Report on types of #MOOC support offered by libraries

The edX Library Collaboration has published a report resulting from a project in which librarians etc. at 39 higher education institutions were interviewed about how they were supporting MOOCs. The institutions were mostly in North America, but with some from Australia, China and Europe, and they were almost all using either edX or Coursera (with one using the Futurelearn MOOC platform).
They identified that libraries were supporting MOOCs by: Copyright Clearance; Open content promotion; Licensing resources; Instructional support; Production support; in some cases with a general support model (e.g. a librarian assigned to each MOOC).
Institutional factors affecting the library's engagement with MOOCs were: Nature of MOOCs offered by the institution; Institutional coordination of MOOCs; Models of MOOC support; Structure of existing [library] services; [library] Staff and budget.
O'Brien, L. et al (2014) Working Group on Models for Course Support and Library Engagement Report. edX
Libraries Collaboration.
Picture: I thought it amusing that apparently the word "bookmark" must have been appropriated to mean web bookmarks, so that you have to find a new word to mean, um, bookmarks. This has nothing to do with MOOCs, by the way.

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