Monday, November 26, 2018

Recent articles: information warfare; learning analytics; IL skills; people searching for others

A few articles on different topics that have caught my eye recently (open access apart from Parrigan (2017):
- Lynch, C. (2018). Managing the Cultural Record in the Information Warfare Era. Educause Review, 53(6) 94-95. (Interesting perspective from this long-time industry expert)
- Oakleaf, M. (2018). Library Integration in Institutional Learning Analytics (LIILA). (just published)
- Hebert, A. (2018). Information Literacy Skills of First-Year Library and Information Science Graduate Students: An Exploratory Study. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 13(3), 32-52.
- Selwyn, N., Johnson, N., Nemorin, S. & Knight, E. (2016). Going online on behalf of others: an investigation of ‘proxy’ internet consumers. Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, Sydney, Australia. "using online services and applications on behalf of other adults who otherwise make limited use of the internet ... despite proxy internet users commonly involving themselves in important and/or ‘risky’ online activities – e.g. banking, personal finances and purchasing goods, few have considered the possible implications of their help to both themselves, or the person they are assisting."
- Parrigin, J. (2017). From request to assess: using cloud-based tools for the library instruction lifecycle. Library Hi Tech News, 34(6), 14-20. (priced)
Photo by Sheila Webber: roses in the kitchen, November 2018

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