Thursday, December 13, 2018

Who is fact checking for?

The Poynter Institute in the USA has a short series of podcasts about misinformation and fact-checking. The first full podcast Who is fact checking for? (18 minutes) was released yesterday. "Amy Sippitt talks about who reads stories from Full Fact, a fact-checking project in the United Kingdom (Spoiler: It's mostly men!) Then, Brendan Nyhan from the University of Michigan gives us the lowdown on which audience needs fact-checking the most." (They found out that "it was really people who were the most politically engaged, the most politically interested and knowledgeable, people that had the highest sense of political efficacy, people who tended to be more educated" that use fact-checking most.)
I found the podcast it on (embedded below) but it is also available through other channels. The transcript of the podcast is at Poynter is aggregating all the posts about these podcasts at

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