Friday, December 14, 2018

Heartfelt Library Moments @HL_Moments

Deborah, Emily, Rhiannon and Elle (who are also studying here in my department, the Information School at the University of Sheffield) are looking for contributors to their new blog, Heartfelt Library Moments, which takes a  positive narrative approach. "We hope to create a space where we can share and collect experiences from a library/information setting that have made you feel proud, happy, confident, hopeful – when you have seen something wonderful or felt you have made a difference."
Of course this won’t be a 100% accurate representation of all the work librarians and other information professionals do. They encounter many difficult times and challenges. Instead, this will be one corner of the internet where we can share, celebrate and take pride in the powerful and beautiful things that libraries make happen."
The blog is at and you can submit your story here or tweet to @HL_Moments
Photo by Sheila Webber: apples at the farmer's market, December 2018

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