Thursday, January 09, 2020

Recent books: Learning in Information-Rich Environments; Political polarisation + i-learn Libguide

Neumann, D., Tecce DeCarlo, M., Lee, V., Greenwell, S. and Grant, A. (2019). Learning in Information-Rich Environments: I-LEARN and the Construction of Knowledge from Information. Cham: Springer.
This is the 2nd edition of the book "Drawing primarily from research and theory in three distinct but related fields—learning theory, instructional systems design, and information studies—it presents a way to think about learning that responds directly to the actualities of a world brimming with information. The second edition also includes insights from digital and critical literacies and provides a combination of an updated research-and-theory base and a collection of instructional scenarios for helping teachers and librarians implement each step of the I-LEARN model."

There is a Libguide for the I-LEARN model here, by the way

Baer, A., Schroeder, R. and Cahoy, E. (2019). Libraries Promoting Reflective Dialogue in a Time of Political Polarization. ACRL. Examples of chapter titles "Sociology of Information Disorder: An Annotated Syllabus for Informed Citizens" (also open access here), "Climate Change Conversations in Libraries (A Sabbatical Training Adventure)", "Red Shirts and Citizens’ Councils: Special Collections and Information Literacy in the College Classroom", "“The Earth Is Flat” and Other Thresholds: A Critically Reflective Cross-disciplinary Conversation in the Post-truth Era"
Added on 10 January: Thanks to Thomas Hapke for alerting me to this page that links to open-access versions of most of the chapters - on a website created by teh book's authors.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Xmas wreaths of East Sussex: 3, January 2020

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