Saturday, May 16, 2009

Information Literacy sans frontieres

I see that Peter Godwin has blogged the paper that he wrote for JISC with his views on the current state of Information Literacy.
Godwin, P (2009) Information Literacy sans frontieres. JISC.

He produced it for the Libraries of the Future Campaign, whose blog is at
and whose website is at

They organised the Libraries of the future event at Oxford University which I attended virtually, in Second Life. I must say I was a bit disappointed: some of the speakers seemed to have a "future" vision which was actuality already in some libraries, and there was rather an obsession with digitised content. I suppose the latter is explained by JISC's own focus on that, but I think the future of libraries and librarians is about more than content. There is material about the conference here
Photo by Sheila Webber: Inscription outside Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, March 2009.

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