Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Inspirational items for learning

Below is a link to an output from a project that two students on the MA Librarianship course here at Sheffield University, David Brown and George Davies, undertook for my Information Literacy Research class.
Brown, G. and Davies, G. (2009) Inspirational books, articles or web resources shaping the learning and teaching philosophy of attendees at the 2009 LILAC conference. Sheffield: Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield.
This just has a short introduction and the bibliography: the intention is to write it up for a journal (which will include analysis of the comments that people added explaining why they chose the items). "The bibliography results from a survey undertaken at the 2009 Librarians’ Information Literacy (LILAC) conference in Cardiff ... Our research was designed to uncover the books, articles and web resource which attendees at the conference have found inspirational for their learning and teaching philosophies. It was carried out as a comparative study to that of Brier and Lebbin (2006*), who surveyed delegates at the LOEX-of-the-West conference in the USA."
* full reference given in the document.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Ladies' mantle and fern, June 2009

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