Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project Information Literacy

My first year students are currently picking information literacy websites, articles or books to review for a first formative assignment. One of them has chosen Project Information Literacy, so I looked to see whether there was anything new since they released their first report in February. They have in fact released a few videos since then: they are:
Frustrations (quotations from students about what they finding frustrating about looking for information
Wikipedia (what students say about it)
Procrastination (issues around why they procrastinate on working on assignments)
Understanding Information Literacy through the Lens of the Student Experience (introducing the project)
The project website is and their Youtube stream is at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Students flowing towards Sheffield University, walking to work, early October 2009

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alison said...

Thanks for the post, Sheila. Project Information Literacy will release and post their second Progress Report on December 1 ( We will report findings from our 2009 student survey at six U.S. institutions with 2,318 students. Stay tuned!

- Alison Head, Co-Director and Co-PI, Project Information Literacy, the iSchool, University of Washington