Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DELILA discussion

Another report from the Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacies for Accreditation (DELILA) project dissemination day in London, UK.
I'm just going to highlight some of the issues that came up in the discussion at end of this event. Some of these are questions, not answers!
- whether takes as much time to adapt something to your context as to start from scratch (it can do!)
- information overload: may take time to sift through potential resources
- creating a culture/ attitude for creating reusable material
- are you "re-using" something if you are using it as inspiration and source of ideas? And if that is how it is being used, then has it been a waste of time making it fully and legally reusable?
- what types of open educational resource are useful - a quick show of hands showed that people were more interested in worksheets, lesson plans, activities and videos than powerpoints.
- value of having more coordination about where to find/ where to get advice about open educational resources about information literacy
- there was an interesting suggestion about making the paradata (the texts etc. about open educational resources, in this case) more easily identified/ searchable
- different terminologies and research areas (new literacies, digital literacies etc.)
- value of having information literacy identified as such as part of teacher education courses (whilst recognising challenges), including librarians role as teachers if they have taught on the course
- issue of how librarians can acquire teaching expertise (e.g. via librarianship, via experience, exchange of experience, through a PG certficate at your workplace (if it's a university).
So, finally, this was an interesting day, and thanks for the DELILA team for organising it.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Bread at the farmers' market (ran out of DELILA-related pictures)

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