Sunday, April 22, 2012

Communications in Information Literacy new issue

Volume 5, number 2 (2012) of Communications in Information Literacy has been published. This is an open access journal. Articles include:
- Team-Based Learning in an Information Literacy Course: Trudi Jacobsen
- Share and Share Alike: Barriers and Solutions to Tutorial Creation and Management:Anne-Marie Deitering, Hannah Gascho Rempel
- Guiding Students from Consuming Information to Creating Knowledge: A Freshman English Library Instruction Collaboration: Carolyn B. Gamtso, Susanne F. Paterson
- Designing and Implementing an Information Literacy Course in the Humanities: Ellen Daugman, Leslie McCall, Kaeley McMahan
- Design to learn, learn to design: Using backward design for information literacy instruction: Bruce E. Fox, John J. Doherty
- Academic Libraries and the Credit-Bearing Class: A Practical Approach: Margaret G. Burke.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Candytuft, Sheffield, April 2012

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