Thursday, February 28, 2013

Communications in Information Literacy: new issue

Volume 6, issue 2 of Communications in Information Literacy (an open-access online journal) is available. Articles include:
- Teaching Matters: Reshaping the Role of Information Literacy Instructional Services by Patrick P. Ragains
- Information Literacy Instruction for an Honors Program First-Year Orientation: Lessons Learned over 15 Years of a Sustainable Partnership by Anna Marie Johnson
- Adapting and Using Instruction Proficiencies to Encourage Reflection, Goal Setting and Professional Development by Uta Hussong-Christian
- Information Evaluation Instruction: A Three Term Project with a First Year Experience Course by Steve Borrelli, Corey M. Johnson
- "Turn Your Cell Phones on”: Mobile Phone Polling as a Tool for Teaching Information Literacy by Andy Burkhardt, Sarah Faye Cohen
Photo by Sheila Webber: Dusk, February 2013

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