Monday, August 04, 2014

Communications in Information Literacy: latest issue

The latest issue of open-access journal Communications in Information Literacy (volume 8 number 1 2014) contains the following:
Peering Into the Writing Center: Information Literacy as Collaborative Conversation by Janelle M. Zauha
The Flipped Classroom Teaching Model and Its Use for Information Literacy Instruction by Sara Arnold-Garza
Potential Ramifications of Common Core State Standards Adoption on Information Literacy by Jacob Paul Eubanks
Same Song, Different Verse: Developing Research Skills with Low Stakes Assignments by Amy E. Stewart-Mailhiot
Education Training for Instruction Librarians: A Shared Perspective by Dani Brecher, Kevin Michael Klipfel
Content Analysis of Papers Submitted to Communications in Information Literacy, 2007-2013 by Christopher V. Hollister
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tools for Online Database Instruction by Yvonne Mery, Erica DeFrain, Elizabeth Kline, Leslie Sult
Building a Library Subculture to Sustain Information Literacy Practice with Second Order Change by Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson, Courtney Bruch
Analyzing Archival Intelligence: A Collaboration Between Library Instruction and Archives by Merinda Kaye Hensley, Benjamin Murphy, Ellen D. Swain
Integrating an Information Literacy Quiz into the Learning Management System by M. Sara Lowe, Char Booth, Natalie Tagge, Sean Stone
Developing an Information Literacy Assessment Rubric: A Case Study of Collaboration, Process, and Outcomes by Christina Hoffman Gola, Irene Ke, Kerry M. Creelman, Shawn P. Vaillancourt
Wikipedia and the Wisdom of Crowds: A Student Project by Greg Barnhisel, Marcia Rapchak
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