Wednesday, May 27, 2015

cfp: Designing information literacy programming for an academic library

Cinthya Ippoliti and Rachel Gammons are producing a book to be published by ABC-CLIO/Libraries Unlimited (publication date 2016)on designing information literacy programming for an academic library. They are seeking case studies which "serve to highlight the challenges and opportunities of information literacy programming in today’s complex academic environment" and specifically ones focusing on challenges and opportunities created by "spaces". The studies can be from any type of academic library, and they are particular interested in the first year experience. They say "Please note that case-studies do not necessarily have to have a 'happy ending.' We want to hear about your challenges and the process by which you have worked through them, but we understand that sometimes the most valuable experiences are those that do not turn out as we expected!" The case studies are not very long (about 1000 words in total). Deadline is 5 June 2015 (it says 22 May on the form, but they just issued an extended call). There is a proposal form with more details at
Photo by Sheila Webber: young beech leaves, May 2015

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